Smart Investor ( Short / Medium & Long Term Investment)

Investment in stocks for Short, medium and long term is very essential and fruitful if you are patient enough to old them till for the right span of time. Although short term and intraday trading does provide good and handsome returns but its not everyone`s cup of tea. If you want to get advantage of the fluctuations of the Indian Stocks Markets even though if you can not actively trade on daily basis in it, then investor is the word for you. Investors generally buy stock in anticipation of a rise in the price and sell when they find good returns.

We are providing investment / delivery tipsĀ  for people who want to make huge money from the share bazaar in a short span of time without giving much of their time to it. So we provide complete solution for such people so they can relax and just see their money growing while carrying on with the normal life.

Service Highlights : -

  • Short Term calls (15days-2months) , Medium Term Calls (2-6Months), Long Term Calls (6months -2years) wold be provided
  • All the Call would be provided through SMS as well as Yahoo Messenger
  • Proper Entry point would be given for each call
  • Entry Price, Target and Stoploss would be mentioned and will be followed
  • You can expect gains ranging from 50% (in short term calls) to 400% (Long Term Calls)
  • 90%+ Accuracy in delivery based calls

SMS Format

  • Buy ABCIndia at 40 target 70 (Short Term Delivery)
  • Buy XYZ at 100 target 450 (Long Term Delivery)

Charges : -

Quarterly – Rs.4,000

Half Yearly – Rs. 7,000

Yearly – Rs. 11,000

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No Free Trial for this package – As the calls are for a bit longer time so its not possible to track

No Monthly Package - Only quarterly results would be effective

For details call +91-9818833077

(For new subscription & queries call between 4-6pm)

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