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One of the primary stock exchanges of India along with the BSE or Bombay Stock Exchange is the National Stock Exchange. In the recent past, the cost of living has increased dramatically, which increases the necessity to have constant availability of cash. And one of the easiest ways of earning this money is by investing in shares in NSE and earning a profit on it. Even investing in the NSE has gone through a sea change with more and more people opting for intraday trading than investing in stocks in the long run.


This preference of intraday trading over long term investment of stocks in NSE has not only increased the profits for these traders but also the risks involved because the markets have now become more and more volatile. Also these people forget that this short term trading of stocks and securities with NSE can sometimes lead to enormous losses instead of gathering profits. Therefore it is necessary that you do your research before heading out to invest your capital in NSE. People can avail them in the form of calls and tips and are one of the most favored ways of getting information on the NSE and the BSE.


These stock tips are mostly regarding the news updates on the NSE, on stock charts, gainers and losers, Nifty statistics, etc to help the investor or trader to make the decisions on the market movements of NSE. These tips help gain an insight into trading in one of the most profitable yet risky markets of the world.


  1. Connect with a good brokerage after conducting a research. Brokerage firms are one of the most effective tips for earning profits. The brokerage firms provide with company’s analysis report and intraday news to its investors as they employ some of the best technical analysts for this kind of continued interaction between the traders and the NSE.
  2. Be aware of the stock market news. Brokerage firms are the best available sources for such tips but if you keep an eye on the NSE on the daily basis then you can predict how the shares would fare too.
  3. NSE is an extremely volatile and bullish market. You would find more and more people selling off their shares in an intraday trading session. This means the market keeps on fluctuating till the closing second of the market. NSE tips and calls come in handy in such situations.
  4. NSE may be one of the best ways of entertaining instant profits through trading of shares, but that does NOT means that you should use of all your capital in one go. It is always better to invest in different stocks so that you are able to merge your profits in the end. This way your capital stays same.
  5. NSE tips also help you in covering up for losses that you have had on that intraday trading session. Many brokerage firms actually grant credits after verifying your data again and allow giving you some. But it is generally considered not good to continue your trading to the next day.

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